Daily Discipleship Online Bible Study

Daily Discipleship is a free, online, downloadable, lectionary Bible study from the ELCA based on the gospel lesson used at Sunday worship. Each weekly session is designed for “Daily Discipleship Groups” of two-seven people who gather to prepare for upcoming Sunday worship (or to reflect on the previous week’s reading) by discussing the assigned gospel lesson’s implications for daily living. It can be easily adapted for personal devotions or used for sermon preparation.

Each two-page session includes:

  • word of life: biblical background for Sunday’s Gospel text
  • word among us: a connection of the biblical theme with daily life
  • last word: a suggestion for applying a faith practice in the coming week.

The objectives of Daily Discipleship are to discover more about being a disciple of Jesus Christ, connect the Word of God with daily life experiences, and explore ways to deepen faith practices in everyday living.

Go to www.elca.org/evangelizingchurch/dailydiscipleship to print the weekly lessons.

What is a lectionary?

A lectionary is a list of scripture readings assigned to be read on a particular day. This tradition of a lectionary has roots in Jewish worship of long ago and was continued by the early Christians.

Not all Christians use the same lectionary, but many Lutheran. Catholic, Presbyterian, Methodist and other Christian churches around the world use the Revised Common Lectionary, a three-year cycle. Each year the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, or Luke is read primarily with the Gospel of John interspersed throughout all three years. Consequently, if a person worshipped every Sunday for three years, he or she would be able to hear the majority of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.

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